Eight Reasons Why Women Should Ride a Motorbike

Riding a motorcycle can be very rewarding. It's a way of life and let's try to understand that gender has nothing to do with it. In India, people turn their heads when a women rider passes them by. That's a compliment. But you see, it's not a way to be masculine or imitate men. It just an experience to feel fulfilled. Women have long tried to be like men anyway in the name of equal rights. But it would be worth an effort for women to just be themselves and for men to try exploring their feminine side. It can give many insights and consequently, make the world a better place for both men and women.

As far as riding is concerned, it is simply a choice to discover life in a certain way.  Here are eight reasons to pick up a motorcycle:

1. You learn how to take ownership
Buying the bike is easy; the real test is riding and maintaining regularly. Finding your way around those nuts and bolts and making sure that your bike gets its regular showers and exercise can teach you a lot about how to truly be responsible for something. It's a different kind of baby.

2. You do what you love
When we take the first step to do what we enjoy, all the other steps tend to follow the same direction. It happens that way because you remember how good you felt. Riding a motorcycle allows you to have so many new experiences - to be on the road, to discover new terrains and communities, to ride without alarms or destinations. Such journeys only awaken the need to have similar encounters with happiness.

3. You find like-minded people
It's difficult to make friends, especially those who last. Given that the joy of riding is deeply ingrained in those who do, meeting such people can be refreshing and contribute to your personal growth. Spending time with riders can lead to more exploration and new insights.

4. Riding teaches you how to be self-sufficient and do well on your own
The first time you try to ride, it's so demanding and challenging. As you ride more, it gets easier. That's true for everything in life. But what's peculiar about being on motorcycles is the feeling that "if I can do this, I can do anything."

5. You inspire others
Not that you pick up a motorcycle to inspire others, but inevitably, the encounter between a woman rider and the little girl in rural countryside motivates the child to believe in herself. I grew up watching people do things that I hadn't done, but I could relate to them in some ways. That always inspired me to try.